Friday, 12 October 2012

"These boots were made for walking" - Heels on a Budget


Quick update on the life of lowly me - it's our first sixth form social of the year tomorrow night, which basically means everyone tarts up and heads out to a club with all 200 or so other people of sixth form for a great night out - WOOP WOOP *fist pumps*

Me, being me, spent hours researching dresses and whatnot, and managed to order myself a lovely little bodycon dress from Missguided - but (the whole me being me part), I forgot to order heels. Don't get me wrong, I have many pairs of black heels in different styles - but I wasn't really feeling turning up like an undertaker, so I had my heart set on a pair of red heels. Of course, it got to Wednesday evening and I suddenly realised - now it was shopping for heels on a deadline, as well as a budget!

I spent many hours of that evening, when I probably should have been working searching for shoe websites - it seems like the usual places such as Topshop just aren't up to scratch when it comes to having a big range of shoes - especially if you don't fancy spending up to £100 on one pair!

I found a few websites that seemed really good for heels on a budget, so I thought I'd just list them for you, and show you some of the heels I loved :)

Jagger Studded Slipper Shoe, £18.99 and
Mandu Super Super High Platform Court Shoe,  £35.99

Daisy Street was one of my favourite websites that I found - all the shoes were so cute! It also has free UK delivery, and 10% off for students, which is always lovely! Most of their shoes are about the £20-30 margin.

Lazy Me Varsity, £10, Yoga Nude Patent, £24.99, Sonic Black Faux Suede, £29.99

This was another brand which looked great for basic shoes - not so much statement shoes, but good for the essentials! I loved the Lazy Me Varsity shoes, which would be a great alternative for Toms, which I've been lusting after for a while :)

Emilo, £15, Sammie, £25, Carry, £25

Chockers shoes is literally my godsend! I've ordered countless pairs off here, and they're always great value and great quality - as well as being the comfiest shoes I own! Delivery is pretty fast for the UK, and I generally all round adore this company. What I also love is they normally have the heels in many different colours, so you can always find bright colours if you're looking for a bit more of a statement!

This may or may not surprise you, but amazon is actually really good for heels! Most people when they think of amazon think techy gadgets, books and other things - but it's worth a try for heels too! Just be careful with the ones you order, have a read of the reviews first because I read some dodgy sounding ones before I picked which ones I was going to order - but mine seem of a reasonable quality and they were only £20!

These are the ones I chose (ignore the slightly creepy face - overly attached girlfriend meme anyone?), and I love love love them! I'm hoping they'll add a bit of colour to my so far monochrome outfit.

Just to add - ebay is also amazing for heels and wedges! Definitely worth a try if you're getting desperate :)

Hope this helped anyone struggling to find some decent quality heels at a non mind-boggling price!

Liv xxx


  1. Love the shoes! haha overly attached girlfriend haha made me laugh :) great post xx

  2. love your fashion sense and blog! would you mind checking out my blog sweetie, im a new fashion blog x x

    1. thank you! i've followed, looks great so far :)
      liv xxx

  3. such statement shoes love them!also amazon has so much stuff you wouldnt even think you could find on there!

    new follower!

    1. it's amazing what you can find, isn't it!

      thanks so much!
      liv xxx

  4. Amazing shoes! Followed you!! x


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