Friday, 26 October 2012

Delilah Dust - A little jewellery post

Hi everyone!

I got home from school today to a lovely surprise - my bracelet from 'Delilah Dust' had arrived! Delilah Dust is a gorgeous little online shop available on Big Cartel and Etsy, which does a whole array of gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and rings - all for affordable prices and free postage.

I used the promo code from Helen's blog at thelovecatsinc which got me 10% off - so go check out her blog (which is gorgeous) if you fancy that!

I am utterly in love with this bracelet and will definitely be ordering some more things when my pay next goes in!

Liv xxxx


  1. Replies
    1. That bracelet is so pretty and delicate- beautiful!
      Daniella x

    2. Thank you Daniella! I love it :) xxx

  2. Ive just been paid (woo!) so will be definitey having a look at the site. I love this bracelet! x

  3. that's such a nice bracelet! I love little online jewellery shops like that, you can find some really great things for really low prices :)
    you should check out this one I like, They do some really gorgeous jewellery :)
    Eleanor x

    1. thank you! wow thanks, i'll definitely take a look at that!xxx


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