Saturday, 6 October 2012

Products I Regret Buying

Hello everyone! I feel like I should be welcoming you back from Peru or some other far away place, it seems like it's been such a long time since I wrote anything!

Side note: sorry about that, had a busy few weeks!

Anyway, today I'm back and on top form (though slightly sleepy).. so in a suitably cheery way (#sarcasm), I decided to base my posts around products that I regret buying - mainly because they're all rubbish, and I beg you not to waste ya dosh! (excuse the spontaneous ghetto outbreak.)

Left to right: Vita Liberata Extra Rich Silken Chocolate Self Tan, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo + conditioner, No7 Shine Free Primer, Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover, Barry M Nail Polish in 295 Turquoise

 Vita Liberata Extra Rich Silken Chocolate Self Tan

I first purchased this fake tan after seeing Binky from Made in Chelsea was one of the spokespeople for the brand - who wouldn't want a gorgeous sun kissed tan like she wears on the show?! My opinions on this one have changed recently - I used to absolutely worship this fake tan. It was always a high risk one, in that it could very easily be badly applied, and come out streaky and orange, but if applied carefully, it looked like a dream, the perfect shade of tan! Recently though, I don't know if it's just my fake tan skills diminishing into space or something else, the application has just been awful - the consistancy is way too thick and creamy as opposed to the thinner liquid it was when I first purchased, meaning it's almost impossible to spread properly without streaking everywhere, and even the colour is suddenly far too dark and orange tinted. It might be time - this bottle's lasted me about 6 months, but either way it's put me off the brand completely!

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo + conditioner

This is one that I'm really quite upset about. :(
I purchased this shampoo and conditioner set last week, after the lovely Zoella recommended it on her blog (go google her if you don't know her - shame on you!). It's designed for hair that's been bleached blonde, and has complicated sciency like things to it that make it brighten the blondeness, and take away any canary yellow or brassy shades. I tried this out on my gorgeous ombred locks the day it arrived in great excitement, only to find - IT STRIPPED ALL THE COLOUR OUT OF MY HAIR. That's right, all the lovely ombredness has disappeared, and changed back to dull brown. Both products lather up lovely, smell average, and would be great, if only they actually worked! I can't work out how they worked so well on Zoe's ombred hair, and stripped mine out! R.I.P ombre :( :(

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

I'm afraid this one was rather a case of being sucked in by some pretty adverts. I saw the TV advert for this when I was cross training at the gym, and thought to myself, wow, I want to look like that gorgeous blonde with perfect skin.. I need this BB cream! Note to self: sometimes products don't just magically transform you into a model. :( I hated the consistency of the cream, which was far too thick and difficult to spread, and for the thickness of it, the coverage really was terrible!
Evens skin tone
I haven't got particularly uneven skin tone, so I can't totally comment on this one, though I guess the tint of it did even it out a little bit.
DISAGREE. I know this is meant to be sheer coverage, but you could see every tiny imperfection through this! It felt like I was slathering an oily paste onto my face, which then didn't cover anything.
I guess this was moisturising, but definitely not in a way that would be good for teenage skin - it's far too thick and oily feeling for me
This was one that I do actually agree with - it definitely made my face appear brighter and more awake - though without setting powder, it could look a bit shiny.. so maybe illuminating a bit too much!
One of the good things about this is the SPF 15, so it would be good for summer - if it didn't make me so damn shiny!

In conclusion, this was really not good for me - I'm sure for people with drier skin, or even just really clear skin with an already even skin tone it would work, but not for me.

No7 Shine Free Primer

This was a product that probably works very well for some people, just not for me. When I bought this, I forgot to look at the ingredients (silly silly silly livs), and didn't realise it had lots and lots of silicon in! In fact, it's the second ingredient (after water.. is there anything useful in this?!). I get that silica is a common ingredient in primers, as it helps set the makeup etc etc, but my skin just can't take it. After using this for a few weeks, my skin absolutely exploded and I had breakouts all over my face - causing me to use more of this to set my cover up makeup! Thankfully at one point I had the sense to look at the ingredients and then realised it was probably what was making my skin so bad - and my skin is almost back to normal now, after not using it for about a month. Aside from this, I have to say it was very good at mattifying (is that a word?) my face, and also helped secure my makeup.

Just goes to show, make sure you always check the ingredients to stop little emergencies like this taking place!

Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover

This is just a quick one really - I'm sure I don't have to explain the ins and outs of nail polish remover to you all. I bought this remover for a few years before I came to the realisation that actually, it's not very good. Yes, it takes off your nail polish. But it may be quicker for you to fly to Mars and back before it does!
It's not that this is a particularly bad product, it's just incredibly slow and there's so many other options for the same price that perform much better!
If you haven't tried it, go out and buy one of the Bourjois Nail Polish Remover pots - they're a slice of magic and might just brighten up your day (that's assuming you've developed severe depression from how long it's taken you to take just one nail of nail polish off)!

Barry M Nail Polish in 295 Turquoise

Another quick one to finish is the Barry M Nail Polish in Turquoise. Actually scratch that, ignore the colour, because it's a gorgeous blue - the problem I have with this is the general Barry M formula. I think I've become a bit of a nail polish snob recently, but after using the Topshop nail varnishes, no other formula can actually compare - and especially not Barry M! It comes out watery and thin, and takes hours to dry (not literally, i haven't timed it, but you get the picture..). Because it's so thin, you then have to apply more coats on top of the first, and if it hasn't dried in the hour that you've left it, you end up with streaky nails. The Barry M colour range is so massive and gorgeous and happy making - I just wish they'd work on the formula!

So that's about it, rant over! I promise the next post will be happy and joyful, even if it's not up for a week or so..
I may still be crying over the loss of my ombred hair :( :(

Have a lovely weekend xoxo


  1. I cannot agree more about the Barry m nail varnish! Though it always works on my toes but it never lasts on my fingers :( xxx

  2. I have that nail polish and its fine!:)

    1. oh that's weird, i can't deal with it at all! much prefer my topshop/essie nail varnishes :)

    2. Haha:) I have loads of Barry m and they're great! Maybe they've changed the formula?:) xx

  3. Wow you're a life saver... I was going to buy that bleach blonde shampoo and conditioner for my ombre!! And I agree with you on the Barry M nail polish, they're far too watery!

    1. haha well don't, you'll regret it! yeah, i hate them, such a shame!
      liv xxx

  4. i totally agree with you about the garnier bb cream, it was just rubbish, farrr too thick for a bb cream x

  5. Totally agree with you about Barry M, absolute nightmare to use. Can't believe that happened to your hair, I think I'd cry if it was me!

    1. woo glad it's not just me!
      i practically did :( it's all fixed now though, thank god!
      liv xxx

  6. I love when people do these posts ahha definitely saves me trying things :) I have that Barry m polish & yep it does take hours to build a colour arghh:(
    also can't believe that shampoo stripped your hair like that!what do they put in it to make it do that?! also thanks for mentioning silicone makes you break skin always throws a hissy fit and I had no idea silicone could mess it up eeek,I'll checking my ingredients more often!love you blog <3

    1. glad you enjoyed! i have no idea, i need to have a looky at the ingredients and see if theres anything in particular, it was so sad :(
      no problem, definitely start checking things if your skin is sensitive - saves you buying products that are never going to work!
      liv xxx

  7. I have seen other bloggers talk badly about that nail varnish remover! I just pick up the first one I see& it was this! Mine is fine so I don't get why everyone hates it!
    For Barry M nail polish I really don't agree I LOVE Barry M nail polish I have about 20 different colours of it! I also have topshop nail polish as well and I love them too!


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