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As the integrity of LivFlorence is of the highest priority, all opinions expressed are my own and will not be manipulated or influenced by any third party. Any products provided by PR companies will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the title and main body of the post, though I will always write an honest review and samples will not affect that. In the event that a sponsored product proves unsatisfactory, I will either give an honest negative review or choose not to post about the product on LivFlorence and I reserve the right to not post if I feel necessary. 

Press Samples and PR

The majority of items featured on my blog are bought with my own money, but I am also PR friendly and open to trying new products to review, so long as they are directly relevant to the content on my blog and I feel they will add to my blog rather than detracting. 
PR companies can contact me via the email link on my homepage or 'Contact me' page.

Images and Copyright

All images (which are taken and edited by me unless otherwise stated) and text contained on this page are the property of LivFlorence and may not be used without permission, which can be obtained by contacting me via livflorence@gmail.com.

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