Saturday, 27 October 2012

Payday Wishlist - Outfit Collage

Payday is only 4 days away.. what does that mean? It means i'm starting to get extremely excited about wednesday, and also starting to waste hours at a time scouring the internet for new things to buy.

Instead of just listing the items today, I thought I'd build a few of the things I loved into an outfit - just because again, I had nothing else to do.

Clockwise: Gold necklace,, £8
Spiked bracelets, River Island, £15
Burgundy Blouse, Monki, £28
Sophie Shopper, Austique, £298
Jeffery Campbell Boots, £120
Disco Pants, American Apparel, £70-80

This is what I came up with! I've been loving the burgundy/wine trend at the moment, as I love how well it goes with gold accessories. This shirt is from Monki - their autumn clothes are looking lovely this year! Also (drum roll please..) I think I'm finally going to give in and get some disco pants.. or at least go try some on! I've seen them look gorgeous on so many people and I just can't hold it in any more!
The shopper bag is gorgeous, and from Austique - but it's £298, and that really isn't going to happen on my budget.. I'll be looking out for a cheaper version though!
Also, JEFFERY CAMPBELLS PLEASE. I absolutely love these boot style ones - I'll almost certainly end up buying some cheaper versions at some point.

Another thing, HAPPY HALF TERM EVERYONE (finally, a break!) 
Liv xxxx


  1. i need that blouse!

  2. I'm so in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I have a pair like them from Deichmann!


    1. how cute are they! ooh might have to take a look at that xxx

  3. im loving the burgandy trend too! such a nice shade, and that necklace is a real statement piece!

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  4. Love the outfit!

    Anna x

  5. thankyou for the lovely comment - its not weird at all haha! i want this blouse so badly - such a good price as well! x x

    1. haha no problem! i know, i love it :$
      liv xxx

  6. I love everything here, this is definitely something I would wear! :) Especially that Monki blouse *drool*. xo


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