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I never know what the best thing to write on these 'About Me' pages is, as it seems a rather huge topic to sum up into one little page, but I guess I just want to let you as my readers know an overview of who I am, what makes me tick, and what we're all doing here.

You'll know what I look like from the photo on the main page of my blog (assuming the htmls are all working, I still haven't managed to get my head round the technical side of things..), so I don't need to explain that. I have incredibly pale skin for most of the year, which is sensitive to lots of ingredients and incredibly acne-prone. Because of this, I tend to wear a lot of skin based makeup - and less eye based, though as my skin improves, I'm starting to explore a bit more with my eye makeup.

My reviews are mainly beauty reviews from bits and bobs I've picked up along the way. I'd love to start doing outfit posts but seeing as I have a fairly average-terrible dress sense, and am in no way confident enough to start taking photos of my clothes, that may have to wait a while - though you'll get a few hauls every now and then, when I get the time off work to actually go shopping at the weekends.

I live just outside London, in Hertfordshire, though none of you probably care about that, so that may be the end of that paragraph..

I started my blog on July 8th 2012, after my family got surprisingly sick of hearing me banging on about what products I'd recommend for them, and how amazing this new foundation I'd just tried was and suggested I take the time to tell someone else about it all, instead of them!

In no way am I any kind of make up or beauty expert, I'm just someone wanting to scribble down some thoughts in their own little corner of the internet, and all the opinions expressed here are my own.

So that's kind of it - me and my blog all wrapped up into one little page. Quite simple, when it's written down like that!

I'm blogging to have fun, meet some new people and find some new products - I hope that's what I get!

Thanks for looking!

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