Friday, 5 April 2013

Topshop 'Brows' Pencil - Review

The Topshop brow pencils are something I only heard about a couple of weeks ago, but hearing that the release date was soon meant I had to rush out and get myself one - Topshop makeup has never before let me down and I'm happy to say that I won't be changing that today!

Brow pencils, let's face it, are something that can't exactly blow our brains out - even if they excel at their job, the most they'll do is fairly impress us. But hey, that's all I'm looking for! A nice little brow pencil to do it's job (and eeeeek it comes in the gorgeously cute packaging that is topshop too!)

That's right, I'm starting with packaging. I know it's not that important, blah blah blah, but when I buy something new I want to look forward to using it, not hide it away because the packaging looks like a nice 'Wilko' own brand (Not that there's anything wrong with Wilkinsons, you are my stationary saviour). That's partly why I love the Topshop makeup brand so much - their packaging is always effortlessly cute and exciting - even with some stars, spots or stripes they can make me happy!

I ordered the shade 'Blonde' (out of two choices, Blonde and Brown) because even though my eyebrows are pretty dark, I have light colouring and my hair can go pretty blonde at time, so I don't want my whole face overshadowed. The first thing I would say is that this definitely isn't suitable for anyone with lighter than mid-brown hair, as it's incredibly dark! I actually thought they'd sent me the wrong one at first, till I checked on the website and realised it's just a slightly different meaning to Blonde than you'd expect. Nevertheless, I can just about get away with it so I'm fine!

The product applies really smoothly and easily which you have to watch out for - I ended up colouring in my eyebrows the first time and did look rather odd that day, as I'm used to having to scrape my old MUA one over my face to get any product out. Another thing I liked was that though a lot of product came onto my brows, the pencil stayed the same shape and appeared to have hardly been used - so I can tell this will last me a long while. The best thing for me about the product is it lasts an absolute century! So I can put it on in the morning and relax knowing I actually have eyebrows all day - not something you want to go without..

I'm impressed with the end result after applying - I'm going to just apologise before you all look at the results pictures, as I recently got a little too pluck-happy and destroyed half my eyebrows from my face, so i'm mid growing them back - hence why they're a) a very very odd shape at the moment and b) fairly sparse in some areas. They're usually an acceptable shape I promise!!

I think they look much better after!
Overall I'm super impressed with the Topshop 'Brows', it's long lasting and easy to apply, as well as having incredibly irresistible packaging..


  1. Ooh I love Topshop make up packaging too, it's so simple and clean cut! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this new pencil! xx

    ooooo the jealousyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    (ps good review, I now want it!)
    Ellie xo

  3. This brow pencil looks so so good, I might have to make (another) trip to Topshop!
    Also, what are you wearing on your lashes? They look super long

    Estelle x

    1. i wear maybelline 'falsies', would also really recommend that!

  4. this looks perfect!!

    Love your blog, now following :) xx

  5. I am so impressed that this is a Topshop Brow pencil.. it's amazing! Your brows look lovely hun, don't worry :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I really want something to fill my eyebrows faster and stop using eyeshadow. Btw, I just read your previous post and it was very informative but you mentioned that you have awful skin, sorry but WHERE!?!?.

    you are goooorgeous !!


    1. This would be great for you then! Haha that photo was from when it was better - plus a whole lot of makeup ;)
      Aw you're so sweet, thank you!

  7. You have such perfect brows. I need to try out more topshop make up x


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