Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Face Mapping: What does your acne really mean?

Oh lookie, another post that includes a photo of me with text all over my face! This is becoming far too much of a habit..

Feels like an absolute century since I've blogged, but what with AS revision for my (far too quickly) approaching exams, and more shifts at work, along with trying to maintain scraps of a social life I guess my little baby blog has got a little lost in it all!

Anyway on to another of my 'I better try and be somewhat helpful', today's post was inspired by one I read a while ago on The Beauty Gypsy's blog and has really helped me in controlling my skin. As a lot of you will know if you've read my other posts I suffer with horrifically bad acne, so finding any way to minimise them or even get rid of them is a great breakthrough.

This face mapping technique involved looking at where you get spots, and rectifying things to try and combat them. Remember I've only mapped half my face on this photo, but mirror the numbers to the other side and you get the same effect.

1- Forehead
Spots in this area are caused by the typical unhealthy foods - usually processed foods or junk food, and are easy to get rid of. Just take yourself on a little detox with some healthy foods that contain less fat, check you're drinking plenty of water and they should disappear in no time

2- Between Eyebrows
This is the part of the body linked to your liver - in other words, if you've been enjoying a little too much alcohol, fatty foods and grease filled meals, it'll show up here first. Try detoxing off these foods and taking a break from alcohol. This is also the part of the body where food allergies show up, so it's a good idea to check any new foods you've eaten.

3- Temples and Under Eyes
Spots here link to the kidneys - this is an easy one, simply make sure you're drinking plenty of water - it'll do wonders for your skin here as well as your all over health.

4- Top of Cheeks
This area is particularly prone to spots from things such as dirty pillow cases, mobile phones, excessive face touching (sounds weird but it makes a difference!), as well as being the top spot-spot for smokers and anyone with allergies. Generally for here it's advised that you cut down unnecessary sugars and get outside!

5- Cheeks
This is my killer spot - like I mentioned earlier, I have awful skin - but almost all of it is centered in this area. Unfortunately, this area is determined by hormonal changes and stress, so for girls that's pretty bad news! Keeping your skin clean and minimising heavy foundation in this area will help, as well as a good diet and lots of exercise to keep yourself healthy. If you still have really bad problems in this area, then I would definitely take yourselves to the doctors to get some prescribed medicine - it's what I did and my tablets have worked miracles on both my skin and my confidence!

6- Nose
As you all know, your nose is full of dilated pores just waiting to get filled up with bacteria: so watch out! I mainly get spots in this area if I haven't washed my make up brushes in a while, and it's a great indication of that - as soon as I wash them my spots instantly clear up. Also check you're not piling too much makeup in this region, as it's normally best to put very little or no foundation here to keep natural looking skin.

7- Chin
Another area hugely affected by diet is here - if you've overloaded on high toxin food recently then get yourself on a high fibre diet complete with drinking lots of water.

8- Problems on your neck and chest can be great indications of when your body is fighting illness - I know I've had problems here recently when I was under the weather a little. Here the main thing is to be patient, and get yourself better with lots of relaxation - doesn't that sound nice!

Obviously there are many other reasons why you might have spots in certain areas and this doesn't cover them all, but it's a good starting point when trying to figure out why your skin behaves the way it does - and getting it back on track!

Happy mapping!


  1. Helped a lot, thank you!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. Fab guide, sadly this suggests that I need to eat more healthily haha, perhaps I should do a post-Easter detox!

    Helen at

  3. Cut out fatty food? What would I eat? Ha.... I found this really interesting xx

  4. This was super helpful! ^__^ Turns out I need to improve my diet. :P xx

  5. Oh I just discovered your blog and I am loving it so much! It's so informative and helpful! <33 It's amazing! Keep up the great work hun!

    I am having an International Giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel lipstick and some Maybelline goodies! :))


  6. Looks like I need to drink more water! This was a really interesting post, love it!


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