Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Top 3: Body Butters

THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT. I know I'm a bit late to start posting about sunshine, but I took these photos a couple of days ago when it was really gorgeous - and seeing as the sun is due to disappear any day now I thought I'd make the most of it! Now that it's supposedly getting towards late spring/summer, in my calendar it means I actually have to start caring about the welfare of my legs again. Not only will the endless quest for a long lasting fake tan that suits pale people begin yet again, but I'll also have to start looking for moisturizers and body butters that I'll actually want to use, rather than feel I have to in order to put away the lizard scales.
Et voila, hence my top 3 body butters!

1 - Strawberry Body Butter, The Body Shop
I won this body butter in a set a while ago on a blog and the best thing for me is the smell - if you haven't tried the Body Shop's strawberry range then run.. literally run! It has the usual lush body butter texture that the body shop has - a lot firmer than moisturizers, and is standardly amazing at keeping the moisture in your legs for a good day or so.

2 - Body Butter Duo, The Body Shop
Again, another Body Shop.. I tried to be diplomatic but the fact is that The Body Shop totally own the body butter market - amazing amazing amazing, only with a pretty hefty price tag! This one is interesting in particular as it is half the usual body butter, and half a softer more moisturizing side for dry side - I love this as I can change it up whenever I feel the need! Again, another gorgeous smell and for more on this see my review here.

3 - Coconut Latte Dry Skin Fix Body Butter, Nip + Fab
This is a relatively new brand for me as I received this little pot of loveliness in my Glossybox this month - and I love it! I'm not sure I'd describe the smell as either coconut or latte (don't trust me, I'm a terrible judge of smell) but it would appeal to anyone looking for a pretty strong (without being overpowering) lovely smell but isn't into the really sickly sweet stuff. It's also a bit less firm that the body butters, somewhere between a body butter and a moisturizer, but is totally moisturising and lasts for a good few days.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Body shop butters are amazing, I fly through them! Xx

  2. If you haven't tried already, I would highly recommend Soap & Glory's body butter - divine smell, thick yet absorbs into the skin quickly.

    Having said that, I do love strawberry body butter!

    Sarah x

  3. The Acai scent is amazing - I finished mine up at the start of the year and miss the smell! x

  4. I have always been a huge fan of topshops body butters, they smell amazing and seem to last ages! Xx


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