Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist (A/W 2012 Themed)

It's the first rainy day after summer (despite the fact that it's still August..) and all the drizzle and chilliness has got me in a rather autumnal mood. Seeing as I'm sitting in my rabbit onesie with a hot chocolate and nothing to do for a couple of hours, I thought I'd do a bit of online browsing - and found rather a lot that I realised I 'needed' before Autumn struck! As well as some Autumnal clothes, there's also quite a few skincare/makeup products I'd like at the moment, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Clothing Wishlist

1) Pearl Point Collar, Topshop, £15
2) ASOS Popper Parka, £65
3) Knitted Speckle Slouch Jumper, Topshop, £36
4) ASOS Abacus Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots, £40
5) Knitted Panel Stitch Cardi, Topshop, £38

Makeup/ Skincare Wishlist

1) Alpha H Liquid Gold 100ml, approx. £25-30
2) MAC Superslick Liquid Eye liner, £16.50
3) 5 in 1 Water, This Works, £21
4) High Beam Highlighter, Benefit, £18.50

I think I need to start saving :( I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to the cosyness of Autumn with it's jumpers  and coats, or dreading the stress of layering and winter outfits.. we'll see! I'm going to try and build up my winter wardrobe now to avoid stress later on!

Liv :)


  1. I'm looking forward to wearing the autumn/winter trends right now, but I know as soon as it starts to turn colder I'm going to be craving summer again haha! Great items, I've got a very similar wishlist in my head, definitely on the look out for decent jumpers right now!
    Helen at Never Quite Elegant xx

    1. haha, i'm exactly the same!
      always on the lookout for jumpers, it's something of an obsession..
      liv :)

  2. I cant wait to start buying jumpers, even though I bought two skirts today whilst shopping...not exactly A/W wear. As for the mac eyeliner I tried this and although I liked it, I use 17 (boots) eyeliner and I personally think it is almost exactly the same, super black and doesnt smudge, as is the collection 2000 felt tip liner! xxxx

    1. haha, i wish I could just carry on buying summer clothes! thanks for the tip, i'll have to try both of those :)
      liv :)

  3. I neeeeeed that coat, omg it's so very gorgeous haha! And Ive wanted the liquid gold for absolute ages now, such a pity it isn't available where I live... Sigh. I know what you mean about winter clothes and layering them etc., Im so bad at combining clothes and it gives me so much stress haha! Love both your wishlists :)


    1. I know, I love it! Have you tried places like ebay? that's where i'm hopefully getting mine from, they might post to belgium?
      haha we sound so alike, i totally get the stress thing!
      liv xxx

  4. Beauty fashion, beauty blog (: xo C.


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