Sunday, 12 August 2012

Springfield Nail Varnish - Naranja

Morning everyone! This morning's post is a quick review of a nail varnish I picked up whilst shopping in Portugal. The brand is Springfield, which I gather is a Spanish brand, and I completely love it!

When I first went in the shop, the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell - easily on a par with the gorgeous A&F or Hollister smells that waft out of their shops. Obviously that drew me straight to the fragrance section, where I experienced that crushing feeling you always get, when you realise they don't actually sell the fragrance pumped round the shop - wah! Anyhow, by that stage I had completely surpassed the clothes and was in the cosmetics section - I could see a good few sale signs so I dived in and had a rummage.

What I found was this gorgeous little nail varnish for €1.99 down from 4.99 - a complete bargain! The nail varnishes were packaged adorably, with little pink flowers around the lid, and to be quite honest, it was too much to resist. Most of the nail varnishes were at this sale price, so I chose a lovely orange shade (Naranja) - I've been craving an orange nail varnish ever since seeing Zoella wearing one in one of her youtube videos and this one was a slightly subtler shade, so I was a very happy bunny.

When I went up to the till, they wrapped it up adorably in this little gift bag, and I just loved the whole thing!

I put this on as soon as I got back to the villa, and I loved it! It had a lovely consistency similar to the Topshop nail varnishes, so went on my nails really easily. I've had it on my nails for about a week now and only experienced minor chipping without a topcoat so it also has good lasting power. 

Another good point is that it has kept it's sheen - I hate it when nail varnishes go dull after a few days! 
I probably can't comment on the drying time - I put it on in the hot Portugese sun so it dried in like a minute haha :) 

This is probably one of my favourite nail varnishes in my collection now - orange is such a bright summery colour for nails, I've had lots of compliments on it already and I can't wait to keep wearing it! Most of my nail varnishes I tire of within a few days and have to change colour but I still love this one, which is great :)

As for the Springfield brand, I think it's amazing! The clothes looked great in the shop - quite quirky, but not enough so that it's hard to wear, and the cosmetics/ fragrance collection also looked lovely - even though I couldn't find the specific fragrance they sprayed in the shop, the others were lush still. I tried having a look at the postage to England but I couldn't find much information so I'm not sure if I'd be able to order anything else, but next time I'm in Spain/Portugal, I will definitely make sure I pop in and have a good haul!

If you live there, you lucky thing!
Liv xo


  1. Looks amazing, that nail polish!


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  5. That is such a pretty colour! xx

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