Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A little update from Portugal

Good morning everyone!

Today I am writing from a little (rather overheating) internet cafe in Tavira, Portugal, in a desperate attempt to keep blogging. I have tried and tried to blog using my mum's iPhone at the villa, but the internet won't let me write a post and we all know what the blogspot app is like - truly terrible if you don't. The computer is also deciding that every word I type is a typo due to the language being set to Portugese - so my page is a rather mind screwing blur of red squiggly lines - not really the best blogging set up, but hey ho!

Anyway, I am having a brilliant time out here in the sun - unfortunately my natural ability not to tan is holding up, but i'm alternating between embracing my paleness and slapping on the fake stuff so i'm okay! We've mainly just been relaxing round the pool, taking a shuffle round the town or going to the truly gorgeous beach (i'll put a little picture below, it really is amazing). I love what a contrast there is between England where I was lying around my dark little room, with the rain splattering on my window to lying in a bikini on a white sand beach, under a little portugese straw umbrella with turquoise oceans spreading to the horizons - I don't want to leave!

On a blogging front, you'll be glad to know that I've been spending some of my downtime planning out some posts to write when I get back - I invested in a little 'Blog Book' which I've been filling with little ideas - a lovely little nail varnish I picked up over here, some OOTDs, and some more general skin care tips. I've been trying to read lots of blogs as well, which the iPhone will let me do thank god! To all of you who have commented on posts whilst I've been away, I have read them and will reply to them all when I get back on Saturday.  Thank you for all keeping reading whilst I've been sunning it up over here!

As gorgeous as it is here, I can't wait to get back and start writing up some posts, I've missed spilling out my mind onto a page - it gets a bit cluttered when there's nowhere to put it all!
I promise lots of posts from Saturday onwards, hope everyones having a super duper summer holiday (or just enjoying summer if you're working!)

Lots and lots of love from Portugal,
Liv xo

(oh how I've missed blogging)


  1. You're getting me all excited for my holiday! I hope you're having a great time :D

  2. ive nominated you for the liebster award..more info here..


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