Friday, 13 July 2012

My Holy Grail Skincare Product

Hi everyone! Today will be a quick post, as I've got a busy social day planned (for once it's not just me and my laptop!), but I decided to use it to write briefly about my holy grail skincare product - I literally don't know where I would be without it.

'It' is the PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide aquagel, which I've been using since I was around 12. It's treated as royalty in my household, with both my sisters using it religiously as well. It looks like a scary prescription product, but is actually available over the counter almost everywhere. It is available as a cream and a gel as well as the aqua version, but I feel the aquagel version is nicer to put on if you're using it every night. As well as the different consistency versions, it comes in different strength percentages - 2.5%, 5% and 10%. I use the 2.5%, but when my skin was worse (until about a year ago) I used the 5%, so I'd start off on the 2.5% and if after 6 weeks you feel it's not enough for your skin, move up to 5% and so on.
The version I use (2.5%, aquagel)

I apply a thin layer of it every night before I go to sleep, and it's basic function is to dry out the skin - meaning a lot less oil and consequently clearing up your skin. What I would say is that this needs to be used continuously over a period of about 6 weeks before you can see an effect, but from then on if used every day, it will  make a major difference. If you get a spot, you can also use this in a small blob on the blemish, which if left on will dry it up and get it past the pus stage (eww), making it disappear a lot quicker.

This is an absolute miracle product, so I am amazed that I've heard almost no one talk about it! The only person I've ever heard speak about it is BeautyCrush on her youtube channel, and I think it deserves a lot more recognition!

The 10% Acnegel version in packaging

I would also mention that this product does contain bleach, so will stain fabrics quite badly - I let it completely soak into my skin (takes about 5-8 minutes) before going to sleep, so that it doesn't stain my pillow case.

But that is the only fault I have found with this in about 5 years, so this really is something I can't live without :)

Liv xo


  1. I love PanOxyl, it works wonders!

  2. Nice post lovely :) I have so much trouble finding the ideal spot cleanser, not heard of this before tbh, is it expensive at all?

    1. only about £4-5, it's available in most pharmacies and the boots pharmacy etc!
      one thing i would highlight is that this is definitely an addition to the end of a skincare routine, it's not meant to replace any part of it, just put a thin layer on after :)
      thanks for the comment!
      liv xo

  3. I haven't heard of this either but my skin has been bad at the moment-not sure why but I may try this if the products I've been using don't work-thanks for sharing :)

    Tanesha x


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