Friday, 20 July 2012

*All The Small Things*

Morning everyone! Today's post has been inspired by a gorgeous video that I've just watched on Sprinkle of Glitter's channel about happiness and how to achieve it. It sounds soppy, I know, but I really recommend that you take the time to go and have a peek at it, I promise you it will lighten up your day! (I'll put the link at the bottom for anyone to watch) This was also inspired by a similar post on the blog Crooked Teeth which I read quite often - definitely go and check these two blogs out if you haven't already!

One of the things Louise was talking about was appreciating the little things in life that make you smile - so I thought it would be nice to go through some of those little things that make me happy - feel free to either do your own post about this on your blog, or leave a comment below about it, I'd love to hear your little things!

And hopefully, it's gonna make you so happy you're going to look like this:

Or maybe you won't.. it might be better if you didn't make it quite that far!

1) Walks in the countryside by myself.
This sounds awfully cheesy, but I absolutely love walking into the countryside (I'm lucky enough to live 2  minutes away from endless rolling hills and countryside) by myself, and taking a little me-time moment. Normally I bring my iPod and find somewhere to sit or lie in the grass or whatever and literally just admire my surroundings with a bit of relaxing music - I come back feeling a different person!

2) Shopping
This one might actually be classed as part of an addiction, but literally nothing will match up to the thrills of getting home after a shopping trip and admiring all the beautiful things that are now completely yours - I also love the feeling of walking into a shop and knowing that whatever you want in that shop, you can own, it's amazing! I'm also going to add finding a complete bargain to this one - nothing competes with that feeling!

3) My cat
Haha, I'm starting to realise that these might just make me sound like a freak, but I completely love my cat. He always knows when I'm down and with his little cat intuition will come and find me for a cuddle. I also adore the way that if I say something to him, he'll meow back as if we're having a conversation.. I'm sure other cat owners will understand!

4) Hacking out on a summer's afternoon
For those of you not into horses, hacking out is basically riding a horse outside of the stables (i.e not in the menage). My favourite thing to do on a summery afternoon is go take my little podgy pony out for a little ride through the woods or whatever. My parents will definitely agree that even if I travel there in the worst mood ever, I'll always be won over by a little cuddle from Comet and a good old gallop. 

5) Falling asleep in clean bedding with the rain falling on the window
Okay, BEST THING EVER. Nothing makes me happy like cosying up in bed smelling the clean sheets and feeling warm whilst it pours with rain outside. I will never get over how nice this is!

6) Make up
As a naturally quite self conscious person, make up for me is instant confidence - I immediately feel good about myself when I have it on, and the creativity of being able to dress my face up however I want makes me so happy. 

7) Most importantly, A GOOD HUG
Let's face it, there's nothing better than a hug when you're feeling down - if you're feeling down, go get a hug off someone. If you're not, go give someone a hug! What better way to spread the love :)

8) Blogging
Since I started blogging about 10/11 days ago, I've realised that blogging really can make you happy - I love spilling out my thoughts onto a page that people actually read! Much more fun than a diary in my opinion :) I also love it when people leave me nice comments - I really do love to hear what you have to say and some of the things you say are so sweet, thank you!

I'll probably add to this post when I remember some more of the little things that make me smile - why not try and make a list of things that make you smile and put them as a comment! I'd love to read them :)

Liv xo

Link to the Sprinkle of Glitter post:***Sprinkle+of+Glitter***)

Link to the Crooked Teeth post:


  1. I too loved Louise's video - she is forever putting a smile on my face! This is a great post, it really is so important to remember the little things because they make one hell of a difference! For me, sunshine never fails to brighten my mood! I can't explain the way it makes me feel!!


    1. isn't she just lovely?! that's exactly how i think, the smallest of things can really lighten everything up!
      totally with you on the sunshine as well - the fact that England never gets any just makes it even more special!

  2. We sound shockingly similar! Except I don't ride horses... well I used to!

  3. Lovely blogpost! I totally agree with everything you wrote down.
    Oh, and I definitely understand the cat thing! ;) Cats rule the world.

    Keep it up with your blog, it's great!


    1. Thank you! They're so going to take over one day!
      Thanks so much, i'll be sure to have a look at yours :)

  4. hellooooo!
    i can't believe you've only been blogging for a few weeks.
    you're blog is so nice! it's dead professional, it's crazzzzyyy!
    how'd you do it?
    mine looks pants, it's in need of some serious tlc, or expert knowledge. i'm not even sure.
    anyway, you seem so cool and i'd love to get to know you better.
    i'm seriously after a fleurdeforce/miss glamorazzi friendship out of this whole blogging thing like they've got on youtube so after doing my first blog post today, i've decided to branch out and be sociable.
    god, i must sound like a right loser.
    so i shall shoot, but leave you with my address so if i've not freaked you out too much you can come say hi, or tell me to go away! haha.
    hope to speak soon, liv.
    laura xxxx

    1. wow thanks! i spent ages and ages on the layout when I first started my blog haha, hours on photoshop i'll never get back!
      i'll check out your blog, definitely!
      liv x


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