Monday, 3 June 2013

Primark at ASOS

Just a quick post today (chemistry exam tomorrow, boo hoo), to quickly express my excitement about the movement of Primark online! Ok, so it might not be a whole website yet, but the lovely Primark people have got together with the slightly more pricey ASOS people, and are trialling a collaboration - 20 of Primark's most 'fashion forward' pieces have been selected to feature on the website to see how well they sell.

I for one love the idea of this! It's often difficult to get out to the nearest Primark and even then the shop is usually something of a female hunting ground - clothes thrown everywhere and women fighting for the pieces that are actually wearable and in average sizes. I definitely love the look of some of the chosen pieces and can't wait for more clothes to be released!

To find the clothes, head to the 'New In' section of ASOS and select Primark in the brands list.
Happy shopping!


  1. This is amazing- thank you for letting me know Liv, I wouldn't have known otherwise. I'm off to have a browse right now.
    I hope you're well?
    Laura xx

  2. I am so happy about this news, I hope they upload more products soon!

    Michaela @ Michaela-Leigh x

  3. Oh wow! I didn't even know haha hopefully it's on the Au sit :)


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