Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo

This is a bit of a late review, as I've actually had this body butter since Christmas - but I re-discovered it the other day and couldn't help a post! The Body Shop Body Butter Duo (£13.00) is a half and half product - with one half for dry skin and one half for normal skin. I love this concept, as I suffer with dry areas around my knees and elbows, but like to have a normal product for my legs.

I have to say, I absolutely love the dry-skin side, which has a much more moisturizer look to it than the usual body butters - the texture is a lot more creamy and easier to spread. As usual with the Body Shop body butters they soak in easily and are very moisturising. The scent is described as Acai Floral - Acai being a type of palm-like plant grown in hot countries, with sweet smelling berries. The scent is amazing - floral without being overpowering, and is a gorgeous girly fragrance. I also have a thing for the packaging, and love the divider down the middle..

In short, I love this stuff! (hence why half of it has been used before I even got to take a photo..)


  1. It is a really interesting concept. I like it alot, because like you, I have the dry elbows and knees but normal skin on my legs.
    Great review - maybe putting down the pirce? :D <3

  2. I like the fact it is designed for dry skin areas xx

  3. I havent tried a body shop body butter in ages! Thanks for the review. Found you through the blog hop!


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