Saturday, 2 February 2013

Body Shop - 'so people still shop there?!'

Some of you may have noticed by now that I may have a little (okay, quite large) thing for the Body Shop. I'm not sure what it is that draws me in every time I pass - the crisp, bright shop windows, the simple yet pretty packaging, the fact that you somehow feel you're contributing to world happiness every time you spend money there, but over the last year or so I've managed to develop quite a collection of all their products. A friend of mine saw me using one of their brushes last week, and exclaimed 'wait, so people actually still shop there?!'.. either I'm very out of fashion and it's now a shop for old ladies, or people just don't know how amazing all their products are (I'm hoping for the second one..)

Either way, I wanted to put together a little post on all my favourite products just to show people how good everything they do is!

Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover
Ok so I've started big - (you know what they say, go hard or go home) with one of my favourite ever products. I've used this eye makeup remover for about 6 months now and I can honestly say that will never change- I love this stuff! I have it in two varieties, a cleansing lotion and a water based liquid, and swap between these depending on my mood and how overboard I've gone with eye makeup that day! They are both used by applying to a cotton pad and wiping over both eyes - and one cotton pad soaked will easily do both eyes (without eyeshadow), which is fab and means they last ages! If it's an eye shadow day, I'll use one pad for each eye, but it still comes off a treat and my morning panda eyes are no more. These are also really gentle on eyes and won't sting or irritate.

Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel
How could I do a post without mentioning the infamous Body Shop shower gels?! If you've never heard about these, then my god - get off this laptop/mobile/ ipad (for the fancy people) and go buy some! In my house my mum will buy different scents of this and circulate them round in the bathroom, but this Pink Grapefruit is definitely the best. They smell absolutely amazing, and last on your skin - I quite often get compliments on my body spray, and have to reply 'oh no, that's just because I showered this morning'! They also come in massive pump bottles, which makes them better value for money, and I find it means I use a lot less, so they last longer.

Foundation and Blush Brushes
Something that a lot of people don't know about with Body Shop is that they also have a large range of makeup and makeup brushes/sponges. Though I haven't got round to picking up any makeup, I own two of their brushes and love them! I have the foundation brush (top) and the blusher brush (bottom). I don't use the foundation brush much, as I've since been converted to my real techniques stippling brush, but it's good for carefully placing highlighter on my cheekbones! I use the blusher brush every single day - for blush, bronzer and sometimes even powder. What I love about these brushes is that they are just ridiculously soft - it's heaven touching the end of these and everyone I've shown has said the same!

Facial Buffer
This was one of the gorgeous Body Shop surprises I got in my stocking this year, and is just heavenly - I use it when I'm exfoliating my face as a facial buffer, and it's lovely to give a really intense exfoliation - as well as meaning you don't get that itchy scratchy tingly feeling on your fingers from rubbing in the exfoliation beads!

White Musk Libertine Solid Perfume
Another stocking filler, this solid perfume is great for popping in your handbag or makeup bag for a quick top up. It smells gorgeous - even rivaling the smell of some of the Lush ones! Although the container can be tricky to get the product out of, the smell is so worth it!

So that's a round up of my favourites - check out my Body Shop Gift Set Review post and my Body Shop Lipbalm Review for more Body Shop goodies - I'm also planning a review for my new face mask I have from there, which should be going up shortly!


  1. I never used to shop in the body shop until recently!(:

    Paige x

  2. I really love body shop, nobody never really shops there anymore! There products are so lovely and worth every penny!


  3. They have quite a good sale on the website at the minute aswell! xxxx

  4. i absolutely love the body shop vitamin e night cream; on my 3rd tub! x

  5. I also have a big obsession with the body shop, love everything them have especially the pink grapefruit shower gel! Smells so good
    .Georgina Clare.

  6. It is strange how people love Lush now, and have stopped going to Body shop - but I love it!! <3
    Great post and fabulous reviews!! <3
    Lots of love from

  7. Great post, i love the body shop! I was your 150th follower! x

  8. A woman after my own heart! I LOVE TBS, I'm honestly addicted. They seriously can't do wrong in my eyes haha.

    The brushes are seriously amazing, I love the foundation brush. I use it to apply facemasks so things don't get messy!

    Lola | xx

  9. I love The Body Shop - I still shop there and it always seems to quiet every time i pop in. I would be sad to see it go! I prefer bodyshop to lush. I bought one of the make up brushes years ago and they're really good quality, definitely worth the money! x


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