Friday, 5 July 2013

Le Touquet - A French Weekend

Last weekend my family took a mini break from work and school, and headed to the gorgeous seaside town of Le Touquet in France to celebrate my dad's birthday. Le Touquet, nicknamed 'Paris-Plage' which roughly translates into 'Paris by the sea' is a gorgeous little getaway which features chic shops and Parisian visitors, as well as huge sand beaches. We were actually really lucky with the weather and managed to arrive to sunshine, which made for a lovely day of sitting in cafes, admiring the beach views and of course sampling the traditional french food.

Our hotel was also amazing, as it featured a huge indoor seawater spa pool right on the beach, as well as a hotel bar on the beach where we caught some amazing views of the sun setting. I would definitely recommend Le Touquet for anyone looking for a quick authentic French getaway, which was easily reachable through Eurotunnel in literally 3-4 hours from Hertfordshire.

I realise I've been terrible at my posting recently as it's all been happening, but I promise I've got a post lined up all about the French skincare I may have picked up in a cheeky visit to Cite Europe... I'm a blogger, I couldn't resist!


  1. Ooh it all looks so pretty xx


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