Saturday, 9 March 2013

Contour Powder on a Budget - NYX Blush in Taupe

I've had NARS Laguna on my radar for a while now, and though it looks amazing I just can't justify spending  £26 on a bronzing powder - hello budget of a 16 year old! The NYX Blush in Taupe was recommended by a friend as a good cheap contouring powder, and after trying on hers I was sold! I've only recently got round to ordering it, but couldn't wait to pop it up on here. Though it's labelled as a 'blush', the colour taupe is a matte dark grey/brown, and is perfect for under the cheek bones - lots of other products I've seen have a shimmer, which is obviously not great for contouring. Don't be scared by the swatch either - this is a lot of product to show a strong colour, it's easily blended in to become subtle. I wouldn't say it's staying power is particularly amazing, but sticks for a good 4-5 hours before fading!

The packaging, as with lots of cheaper products, isn't anything special, but contains an average amount of product (4g) and is practical and sturdy- though the addition of a mirror would have been welcomed!

To summarise, this product provides perfect under cheekbone contouring for paler skin without being orange, and is great for the budget!

The NYX Blush costs around £5.50, and I ordered mine from 123 Hair and Beauty here.


  1. Looks gorgeous, thank you for swatches!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. This looks perfect, I have wanted a decent contour powder and I am so glad you posted this! All the ones I have seen have a slight shimmer and I agree shimmered contouring doesn't look too great.

    Great blog, glad I'm following you!

  3. This sounds great, definitely going on my list! I've wanted to try out the NYX blushes (among other things) for a while now! I quite like the packaging of these though, because if it had a mirror you wouldn't be able to see the colour through the little window, which I actually think is quite useful!
    Eleanor x

  4. This sounds great! I use a Kevin Aucoin contour powder which is amazing but fairly expensive. When I run out I will definitely look into getting this :) I have heard lots of amazing things about NYX :) xx Beauty Becky

  5. This looks awesome! For some reason I find it soo difficult to contour... I don't know whether it's because I have cheekbones as obvious as a toddler's or if I'm using the wrong brush, are there any that you'd recommend?

    1. I'm thinking of writing a whole post on how to contour so look out for that! i use a blusher brush pinched between my fingers to create a line effect :)
      liv xx

  6. I want to try this out as i am currently using my bronzer to contour which has a bit of shimmer to it which isn't good. I love NYX products, thanks for introducing me to this!x


  7. that looks so good! i'm currently using a NARS one but will look out for this when it's all used up

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  8. I love NYX makeup, such great products at reasonable prices!

    Stevie x

  9. This is great!
    I am so buying it


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