Monday, 17 December 2012

A Little Sprinkle of Body Shop

I've never particularly been that into caring for my lips - I'm not a great fan of their shape, so I tend to leave them alone. However this winter they've finally rebelled and started to become dry - which as you can imagine, is not the most attractive look! So I had a little rootle around my drawers to see if I could find anything for a quick fix, just to add a bit of moisture.

My problem is that my lips are very sensitive to a lot of things, so even the slightest product can make them go all red around the edges and then I just look like fish-lips.. even more of an unattractive look! Because of this, I'm a bit nervous about trying out new products, in case I come up in a reaction - but when I found this Body Shop Nutmeg and Vanilla Lip balm and smelt it, I decided it would probably be worth the risk.

 (excuse the dirty container, i cleaned it up as best I could but bear in mind it was a 'bottom of the drawer' find)

Right, let's get onto the whistle-stop tour.. The first thing I have to say about this (and please bear in mind, there's not that much to say), is that is smells AMAZING. It literally is the lip balm embodiment of christmas- the vanilla isn't overpowering but provides a nice pairing with the nutmeg, and I just adore it! There's also a slight shimmer to the balm, which doesn't look shimmery on the lips, but allows it to look like a subtle lip gloss on the lips, without the whole 'i'm five years old and discovering makeup' lipgloss look. The best thing is that it didn't do anything to my overly-sensitive lips either! It's not at all sticky and is no way horrible to wear, like some cheaper lip balms, but it does sit on top of your lips a little, which could annoy some people.
However, in a silly way I really don't actually care that much about the formula - it's just a really lovely little tin to carry around and pop on your lips everytime you want an update of christmas smells.

I've had a quick peek on the body shop website and can't seem to find these tins on there - though it's worth checking in the actual store if you fancy it!

As it's heading into Christmas, I'm trying to get more on top of my blogging so I've actually been organised today and sorted out the photos for my next few posts - so hopefully it'll get a bit more regular as we get into the New Year (c'mon liv, you go gal!)

Enjoy all the festivities!


  1. My lips have been horribly dry lately too so I definitely need to head to the body shop to stock up on lip balm. I've never tried this one before but I love their mango lip butter, it smells amazing! xx

    1. it's one of those horrible things about winter isn't it! ooh same, their stuff always smells so good :)

  2. My lips get so dry this time of the year, I've been using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on them when I go to bed to stop them cracking in the mornings! xx

  3. Oh my goodness I need to get my hands on this!! I'm still searching for my holy grail lip product and I am utterly obsessed with vanilla at the minute so this sounds like a dream. I'm not going shopping again until after christmas so fingers crossed I can find it in the sales!
    Love Holly x

    1. haha fingers crossed then! i've always had a massive thing for vanilla - but it seems to be a love/hate scent for people :)


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