Saturday, 17 January 2015

Review // Benefit 'Goodies A Go-Go' Eye Kit

Hi! It feels weird to be posting on this little corner of the internet again, as I haven't for over a year. I got stuck in a bit of a blogging rut, and with massive amounts of work on my shoulders I decided to take a little hiatus and come back when I had a bit more time on my hands and a bit more passion! So much has changed since then, and after coming across some of my old favourite blogs recently I can't help myself getting inspired. So I figured it's time to get this up and running again! Although I am now well and truly on a student budget counting the pennies, hopefully I'll have some great bargains and products to review for you, as well as some tips and tricks - and who knows, maybe even some baking (in my student kitchen without an oven!).

The first thing I decided to post about on here (massive decision there) is the Benefits Goodies A Go-Go eye kit. I received this from my boyfriend's parents at Christmas and it has honestly revolutionised my daily eye-look. It includes four eyeshadows: Call My Buff, Thanks A Latte, Gilt-y Pleasure and Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy. These range from a light highlighter shade, through different browns to the darkest, Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy. And who doesn't love a good Benefit pun name?!

It also comes with a great little booklet describing how to use the shades to create a day look, and transform that into a going out look. My favourite combination is to sweep Call My Buff across the lids and right up to the brow bone, then Gilt-y Pleasure across the lids, finishing with Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy across the crease and outer lid. The eyeshadows have great staying power, easily lasting a night out looking flawless and blend together easily.

I know a lot of bloggers would swatch the eyeshadows for colour on skin, but I've always found swatches to be unreliable and completely irrelevant to different skin colours, so you might have to head into a Benefits store to view the true colour - though the photo above shows them reliably.

As for pigmentation, I've been very impressed with the three darker shades, though Call My Buff does tend to require a couple of applications before noticeable. However being a light shade, it tends to be less noticeable so maybe that's just my half-blindness without glasses on!

There's two other parts of the kit to mention -  Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer, which seems to do it's job of supporting the eyeshadows well, as well as creating a good base to set the colour. I have to admit, there have been days when I've been too lazy to apply eyeshadow and have just used the primer as an all over base as it's light pigmentation means it softens the eyelids perfectly, providing a tad of coverage to cover light veins or imperfections. As for the They're Real! mini mascara, I am almost certain I've written many a post on this mascara as it is quite simply my dream come true. It applies (after the first few mascara overloaded application) very easily, transferring a perfect amount of product and catching every lash without clumping. See my earlier posts for a full review and photos!

This little set retails for £19.50, which is unbelievable value for 4 eyeshadows and a mini primer and mascara - a quick look on the benefits website shows the products have an actual value of £36.81so it really is a bargain. More than anything, the cute as anything box and leaflet make this a great gift (whether thats for yourself or someone else!) and I will certainly be re-purchasing every single product in here when they run out.

I hope I haven't rambled too much - it's going to take me a while to get back in the swing of things but hopefully I'll have lots of free time this week around lectures to get some photos taken and some posts written - after all, I should have bought lots of new products since 2013! SO... bear with me and have a lovely Saturday everyone :)